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Frequently asked questions regarding ZamZam Bank’s share

  1. What is my benefit from buying Zamzam bank share?
  • The Share is a long-term sustainable investment and it can be bought and sold over. The share certificate is used as a guarantee (collateral) and also supporting document for Financing and other securities.
  1. What is the value of single share and minimum price of a share?
  • The value of single share is 1,000 (one thousand birr) and the minimum amount of share which an individual can by is 25 shares or (25,000) in birr.
  1. What is the payment term of the share?
  • The payment can be paid fully or in the round (phases).
  1. How much is the payment for the service charge?
  • New shareholders will pay 5% of the Subscription amount.
  • Existing shareholders(increment ) will pay 3% of the increment amount
  1. Where can we buy Zamzam bank share?
  • Shares are sold in all ZamZam bank’s branches including Head office.
  • Fill out the share agreement form. The form is also found on ZamZam bank’s website. The filled-out form can be sent through and through telegram /WhatsApp by using these numbers +251953434343 / +251954767676.
  • Make deposit. The share amount will be deposited in Zamzam bank share account (0000001110301) and service charge amount will be deposited in service charge account (0000001210301)
  1. Can I buy for underage kids and to another person?
  • For underage kids parents should bring their personal Id and a birth certificate of the child.
  • To buy for the third party the buyer should bring power of attorney.
  1. How can Diaspora buy shares of Zamzam Bank?

Diaspora can buy share by one of the under listed options:-

  • By directly depositing foreign currency in the share account 0000001110301.
  • By sending it to the share account through the bank SWIFT code ZAMZETAA
  • If the customers have a diaspora account, they can transfer the money to Zamzam bank’s diaspora or dollar account.
  1. When can I get a dividend (profit)?
  • When the bank starts making profit the shareholders will decide the dividend for each share in annual general meeting. (AGM) that will be distributed for the shareholders and will announce
  1. How to transfer money from another bank to buy Zamzam Bank share?
  • Fund transfer If the buyer has a ZZB account by account to account transfer form at branch or by using the banks mobile banking platform
  • If a customer wants to buy zamzam bank share the customer transfer money from other Bank to Zamzam bank share account in Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).
  1. What is required to register (checklist)?
  2. Checklist for individual
  • ID card copy
  • Payments Invoices (tickets)
  • Subscription Form
  • Authentication of power of attorney (POA) if it is through agent
  1. Share purchase for underage (for account)
  • Subscription Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Renewed ID of the guardian
  • Payments Invoices (tickets)
  1. For PLC/ Share Companies
  • Copy of Memorandum & Article of association (not applicable for PLC)
  • Letter of the G/ Manager to authenticate the citizenship of the company shareholders.
  • Letter of delegation from the association
  • License of the company
  1. For Association /Idir
  • Separate mandate file
  • Minutes
  • Letter of delegation from idir
  • License of the Idir
  • Article of association

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