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Diaspora Account opening

Documents required to open Diaspora Account / የዲያሲፖራ ሂሳብ ለመክፈት መሟላት ያለባቸው ሰነዶች Application forms filled and signed by the applicant Diaspora Account Opening Form ተሞልቶ...

ZamZam Diaspora Financing

Zamzam Diaspora Financing It is a Murabahah Financing granted to non-resident Ethiopian or non-resident foreign nationals of Ethiopian Origin that have been living abroad for...

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Executive Directors

Executive Directors Ato Eristu Kemal DIRECTOR – Finance and Investment Hindia Mohammed DIRECTOR- International Banking Sultan Yusuf DIRECTOR...


Mudarabah Mudarabah is a kind of partnership in which a bank gives money to another (Mudarib) for investing in commercial enterprises. The profits generated are...

Bai’ Salam

Bai’ Salam Bai’ Salam is a type of Shari’ah mode of financing through which the Bank pays the full contract price of goods/commodities in advance...


Istisna’ Istisna’ is a contract of sale of specified properties/assets to be manufactured or constructed with an obligation on the part of the Bank/seller to...


Qard Current Account

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Trade service

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