Zamzam Debit and Instant Debit Card

1. What is ZamZam Debit Card?

ZamZam Debit Card is a payment card that allows customers

 To withdraw cash from ATMs,
 Make payments via POS
 Receive mini-statements, check balances, and use other features.

2. What makes ZamZam Debit Card unique?

The bank offers a special debit card called ZamZam Instant card which is given the
moment the customer opens an account and will be activated after 24 hrs. The customer
can use the card at any ATM or POS machine. The instant Debit card is offered for
customers who urgently require a debit card.

3. Who Can Use ZamZam Debit Card or ZamZam Instant Card?

Any ZamZam customer who properly filled out the card request form can use ZamZam
debit or ZamZam instant card.

4. How can I register for ZamZam Debit Card or ZamZam Instant Card?

You need to be ZamZam customer and fill out the card request form at any nearby
branch. You can also request for ZamZam debit card when you open an account

5. Can I get the Card if I’ve already signed up for branch banking?

Yes, you can apply for a ZamZam Debit Card or a ZamZam Instant Card at your home branch.

6. How long will it take for my ZamZam Debit card to arrive?

ZamZam Debit card is a debit card that will be personalized with the user’s full name, and
the card will be delivered to the customer within 4 to 7 days after submitting the request

7. When can I use my ZamZam debit and Instant Card once it has been received?

You can use it 24/7 at any ATM (Automated Teller Machines)

8. How much does ZamZam Debit Card or ZamZam Instant Card cost?

No fee is incurred to get both ZamZam Debit Card and ZamZam instant card

9. How much cash can I withdraw with a debit card?

You can withdraw up to Birr 4,000 per transaction and a maximum of Birr 10,000 per

10. What documents are required to apply for a Debit Card?

To open an account and apply for ZamZam Debit Card, you must go to one of our
branches and show renewed legal ID, passport, driver’s license, business license, or other
related proof of eligibility document.

11. What should I do if my card is stolen or lost?

To deactivate your ATM card, go to your nearest ZZB branch or call our contact center at
9670. you can request for a replacement if you lost your card permanently for good.

12. How can I change my PIN for my ZamZam Card?

To change your pin code you have to follow the following steps
 You have to go to ZamZam ATM or one of the Et switch member banks, such as
Buna Bank, Lion Bank, Enat Bank, Global Bank, or Oromia Bank,

 Insert the ATM card into an ATM and the card reader reads your card,
 click on ‘Change Pin’ and then enter your new PIN

13. What action have I taken after forgetting or losing my PIN?

To apply for PIN replacement, go to your home branch.

14. How much does the term and tariff for Debit Card services charge?

 For cash withdrawals you will be charged 0.50 cents per 100 ETB and
 For balance inquiries you will be charged 0.50 cents.

15. How many wrong attempts do I get to enter my PIN?

If you enter the wrong PIN more than three times, your card will automatically be

16. How do I know if my card is associated with an invalid account number?

You can contact your nearest branch or call center at 9670 to know if your card is
associated with an invalid account.

17. What do I do when money is deducted from my account but the ATM didn’t dispense
Apply for a dispute at the nearest branch nearest and if it is accepted after an
the investigation, you will be refunded.

18. Where will I go if I need assistance?
You can call our call center at 9670 to get any assistance.

19. Is using ZamZam debit card secure?

Yes, unless you give your PIN and Debit Card to others, you and any joint account holder
are the only ones who can access your account using your account. Keep your PIN and
debit card private, and change your PIN frequently, to secure your Debit Card.


Zamzam Mobile Banking


  1. What is Zamzam Mobile Banking? 
  • ZamZam Mobile Banking allows you to access your account information, make Fund Transfers, and pay bills using your mobile device.
  • Once you get registered, you can use ZamZam mobile banking services by dialing *600#.
  1. How can I register to ZamZam Mobile Banking?


You have to follow the following steps

  1. 1st you need to have ZamZam bank account
  2. Dial *600# and register yourself by entering your 13 digit account number
  3. Enter the request information that the system requests

Or you can visit your home branch.

  1. Which Accounts can I access through this service?

You can access all account types associated with your CIF. Like Wadiah Saving account, Mudarabah Savings accounts, and Qard Current account.

  1. What features does Mobile Banking have?

Once you’ve registered for Zamzam Bank’s Mobile Banking service, you’ll have access to the following services.

  • My Account (balances inquiries, and mini-statement)
  • Fund transfer (with Zamzam Bank Account, and Other Banks Account Transfer)
  • Payment (Ethiotelecom Postpaid bill payment)
  • Inquiries (Cheques status, Exchange rate, and Stop cheque inquiries)
  • Services Request (issues cheques book request)
  • Update Profile Information (change PIN/password, change MPIN, De-subscribe, and standing order).
  1. What is the maximum transfer limit to another bank?

The daily transaction limit for bank-to-bank transfers is 50,000 ETB.

  1. Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking? 
  • Yes, you can currently pay Ethio telecom bills
  • Other bill payments are on the way.


  1. How much is the Term & Tariff for Mobile Banking Fund Transfer?


  • All services are free, but Standing order instructions are charged 25birr per order
  • Transfers between Zamzam bank accounts and other banks are charged as follows


  • up to 5,000, it charges 0.5% per transaction
  • It charges 25 Birr for amounts greater than 5,000.


  1. How many wrong attempts do I get to enter my Mobile Banking PIN?
  • You can make a maximum of 3 wrong attempts however your account will be blocked after three failed attempts.
  • Please contact the call at 9670 center for assistance or visit your home branch to reset your PIN code.
  1. Whom should I contact if I have problems with the Mobile Banking service?
  • You can refer to the escalation matrix document and contacts mentioned in the document. The documents are emailed to branch managers and uploaded on the bank’s Portal.


  1. How do I change my PIN?

To change you’re PIN

  1. Select “Update profile Information”
  2. Click “Change PIN” or “MPIN”
  3. Enter your current PIN
  4. Enter your new PIN
  5. Confirm the new PIN


  1. Whom should I contact if I have problems with the Mobile Banking service?

Please contact us at our call center number at 9670 or you can visit your home branch.

  1. What if I no longer want to use ZamZam mobile banking?

You can de-subscribe from services from the menus or go to your home branch.