Qard Non-Resident Foreign Currency Account

It is a non-interest-bearing account opened and operated by check catering to expats (foreign nationals, employees of international organizations [UN, AU, etc.], NGOs, International organizations, Embassies/its employees living/operating in Ethiopia for those salary earn by foreign currency

Product Features

  • Non-interest bearing unless authorized by NBE
  • It can be operated by check or pre-arranged agreement with the client
  • Deposits from local source is prohibited
  • No exchange commission is levied upon transfer to abroad.
  • Can be used for travel allowances upon presenting valid travel documents
  • Can be transferred to other eligible foreign currency account(s) in FCY
  • Initial Deposit: USD 100
  • Minimum deposit amount: FCY, No Limit
  • Maximum deposit amount: FCY, No Limit
  • Withdrawal Limit: ETB-No Limit
  • Withdrawal can be made through cash and over the counter upon the presentation of travel document

Eligibility Requirements

  • Present valid and renewed Resident/Diplomatic ID, Passport
  • A letter of application which is signed by the ambassador or her/his delegate
  • Valid and renewed Ethiopian origin ID, passport or ID where nationality is explicitly defined
  • Valid resident and/or work permit that certify the Ethiopian National living and working abroad for more than one year