The board of directors made various initiatives to strengthen the bank’s com- petitiveness in the local and international market by executing several perfor- mance evaluation and awareness creation sessions including induction and capacity building programs to new and existing employees. Moreover, the bank took the initiative to establish business catalyst and ZamZam ambassa- dor groups to support the bank’s business development and image building. The business catalysts are the strong vanguard of the bank that gave chance to the stakeholders like the business people, intellectuals, scholars and bank practitioners to contribute and support the board and management by de- liberating the challenges, opportunities and the way forward. Similarly, the women and men brand ambassadors are voluntarily working with the bank by lobbying and supporting the bank in every way.

It is with pleasure that the Board of Directors of ZamZam Bank presents the annual performance report for the year 2021/22. In this report, we presented a quick summary of comparative performances, whereas details will be covered in the External Auditor’s report section.

For more information please download the Report below.