Board of Directors

Nassir Dino  Chairman
  • Qualification : PhD in IT software Engineering; MSc in CS and B.Sc in Mathematics; PGD in Islamic Banking & Insurance
  • Work Experience: President, co – founder & associate Professor of S.E at HiLCoE
  • Core Competence : software and business engineer

Idris Mohammed  Member
  • Qualification: PhD in Philology, MA in Philology, BA in Foreign language and literature
  • Work experience: 20 years in education & research, Public lecture on Islamic issues, Freelance, Journalist, editor and translator of theological works.
  • Core Competence : Research  shariah advising  and public relation & mobilization

Jemal Muzeyn Member
  • Qualification : MBA Candidate Jimma University and MA candidate Islamic Finance Malaysia
  • Work Experience: 13 years in Banking experience up to vice president position in Private banks
  • Core Competence: Banking operations and logistics

Nuredin Mohammed Member
  • Qualification: MA in Project Management and planning
  • Work experience: over 30 years of experience in Management , Trade and industry regulation and advisory
  • Core competence: Project Management

Salahadin Khalifa Member
  • Qualification: BA in Management American university London, MBA in Management Birmingham University
  • Work Experience: Accomplished Senior – Level executive within the manufacturing trade and logistics industry.

W/ro Mekaneselam Mohammed  Member
  • Qualification: BsC in computer science, MA in transformational leadership and change
  • Work Experience: 13+ years founder and manager of private school, Founder of Bilal Al Habeshi
  • Core competence: Trainer on leadership, export business, family parenting & youth empowerment
  • Work Experience: Owner-Manager of Mustefa Mohammed Authorized Accounting Firm, Board Chair Person of Bilalul Habeshi Community Development.

W/ro Leyla Nasir Member
  • Qualification: Masters in Business administration MBA, Post graduate Diploma in interest Free Banking and Finance
  • Work Experience: over 10 years in bank management and consultancy, united Nations certified master trainer and certified management consultant
  • Core Competence: IT, Core Banking Solution,, Personal and Business Development

Ato Nedim Abdusemed  Member
  • Qualification: BSC in Telecom (ICT)management USA
  • Work Experience: 15+ years in network administration and high tech supply management
  • Core Competence: Private Management

Ato Biya Haji  Member
  • Qualification: BA in economics
  • Work Experience: 25+ of experience in private sector management, Investment, and procurement
  • Core Competence: Investment


Mustefa Mohammed Habte

  • Qualification:  MA in Project Managemen and Financial Management
  • Work Experience: 18+ of experience in private-sector, Finance and  Auditing
  • Core Competence: finance



HR and Logistics

  1. Salahadin Khalifa
  2. Biya Haji
  3. Nuredin Mohammed
  4. Mekaneselam Mohammed
  5. Endris Mohammed

Audit and Governance

  1. Nuredin Mohammed
  2. Nedim Abdusamed
  3. Biya Haji
  4. Leila Nasser

Risk and Sharia Compliance

  1. Mekanesellam Mohammed
  2. Endris Mohammed
  3. Jemal Muzein

Strategy and Investment

  1. Jemal Muzein
  2. Leyla Nassir
  3. Nedim Abdusamed
  4. Salahadin khalifa
  5. Nassir Dino